Cancer Education Videos

Cancer Affects EveryoneBecause one in three people in the U.S. are currently likely to face a cancer diagnosis in their lifetime, LemonMD produces cancer education videos to help increase cancer education and promote cancer awareness. More people than ever are either directly affected by cancer or have a family member, a friend, a co-worker or a significant other who is dealing with cancer.

People need easy access to cancer related information, that is also easy for them to understand. Informative videos on cancer offer viewers a way to better educate themselves on cancer topics at their own pace, at places where they are most comfortable. Video also provide family members and patients with information that they can use to follow up with their physicians.

Stories of Cancer

By highlighting the experiences of individuals who have gone through cancer, or are going through it, we hope to provide a better understanding of cancer, as well as inspiration.

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Patient Education

These videos cover cancer topics such as new breast cancer drug information or cancer treatments, the side effects of chemotherapy, or what to expect from a cancer diagnosis.

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New Cancer Treatments

It’s an exciting time in cancer research and we will do our part to offer updates and reviews on these new ways to take on cancer.

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A Little Levity!

Sometimes laughter is the best medicine. That’s something many cancer patients and survivors recognize as an important component to their journeys through cancer.

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