LemonMD in Action

The road to curing cancer begins with education and awareness. At some point in everyone's life they will either be affected by cancer or know of someone affected by cancer. Pretty much everyone needs to be informed and aware of cancer. That's why we started LemonMD.

LemonMD is committed to helping oncology professionals, the general public and cancer patients stay informed on the latest trends in cancer, including treatment options, cancer research and what to expect in the cancer journey from diagnosis to treatment to remission.

Our goal is to promote cancer education 365-days a year and make it easier for people to access this information through videos, on-going projects, publications and lectures and appearances.

LemonMD would like to thank those patients and professionals who provided there time, expertise and experience to the cause of cancer cure, survival and information.

Educational Videos

LemonMD produces videos to help improve cancer education, explain new technologies, and highlight the personal side to cancer. LemonMD showcases these videos on muliple websites, Youtube, Vimeo, and Facebook. Video topics include:

Cancer Education
Cancer Survivor & Patient Stories
Cancer Lectures

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Lectures & Appearances

LemonMD provides lectures on cancer topics at medical conferences and symposiums, as well as provides appearances with the media for oncology consulting and the general public for cancer community services. Some places we speak:

Support Groups

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Publications & Research

LemonMD promotes on-going cancer research and education through consumer magazines, professional publications and journals, as well as providing medical oncology expertise for the media. Publications and research include:

Medical Journals
Published Book Chapters
Magazines & Newspapers

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Projects & Community

LemonMD encourages cancer prevention and awareness through on-going projects. We hope involvement in these projects helps build a better understanding of cancer related issues for the public and professionals. Projects and services include:

CancerIS Community
Medical Video Minutes
Colon Cancer Task Force

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